Telma Ha

  • Telma Ha will perform on the 24st of September.
    Margherita Bergamo (dans en choreografie) met Christian Chamoun (piano)

    Telma Ha is the artistic project of Margherita Bergamo, dancer and choreographer. In this context she is performing with the outstanding pianist Christian Chamoun, and together they present a common personal approach to the Ontroerwoud world.

Mrs. Pilgrimm

foto: Gert Verbeek

Rauher Engel & Daniel Stettler

  • Rauher Engel is een Rotterdams danstheatergezelschap, opgericht in 2006.
    De drijvende kracht achter Rauher Engel is artistiek leider Dagmar Chittka.
    Zij werkt met wisselende gastdansers.

    De voorstellingen van Rauher Engel zijn een grillige mix van dans en beweging, spel en muziek. Ze kenmerken zich door lyrische beelden, fysieke intensiteit en absurditeit. Er wordt gewerkt met contrasten zoals ruw en zacht, schoonheid en verval, teder en hard. Zo ontstaat een krachtige beeldtaal, die op een directe manier met het publiek communiceert. Daarom zijn de voorstellingen ook zeer geschikt voor jongeren.

iNana & Carles

  • iNANA is a Singer Songwriter, homebased in Vienna and Barcelona.

    iNANA released her first Single and Videoclip in April 2012.

    Her EP called “Drylake” includes 5 original tracks and was released in November 2012. Since then she has been working on EP “How Is The Air” that will be released in winter 2016.

    As all her first songs were only electronical, she recently started to add live instruments to her music. Live you can find her playing solo or duo or with her whole band in quartett. As she likes to combine styles she describes her music as “electronically influenced Artpop“.

    iNANA’s aim for the project is not only to express herself vocally and musically, but also visually. She’s currently working on various video-projects and trying to visualise her music in a live context as well.

    iNANA is working together with different filmmakers, visual artists, dancers and writers, as she aims to combine different art forms.

    While living in Barcelona, she fell in love with the sound of the cello. Since then she often presents her music in a more unplugged setup, just herself and her partner Carles playing the wonderful cello which seems to be the perfect fit, not only musically…

    | iNANA – Voice, Electronics, Flute, Piano |
    | Carles – Cello |

    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |

Babak Amiri

  • Singer/guitarist/composer Babak Amiri comes from Tehran. As a teenager he loved playing guitar and all kinds of (forbidden) music styles, although it was dangerous to go out anywhere with his western instrument visible to authorities – At 18 he figured out he needed to leave, he crossed a mountain range and ended up studying and graduating from a prestigious Dutch art college (Rietveld Academy), while playing in fado bands, writing poetry and being involved in a whole range of musical projects.

    In Babak-o-Doestan, Amiri sings poetic texts in Persian and composes the music, which the musicians in the band contribute to with arrangements and solos. He not only leads the band, he also does the cool album art.

Tribal Baroque


  • Using countertenor and coloratura soprano vocals, Thoth and Lila’Angelique create fantasy operas based on love and devotion, accompanied by ritual theater, dance, foot-percussion, and violins.

    Tribal Baroque is shown on screen, they just left Amsterdam and could not take part this time.

  • The development of my sculptures got a real boost when I met Tribal Baroque in Ruigoord where I was exhibiting my work in 2010..!!

    When they danced and played and sung in reaction to my installation it made a big impact on me and I was  very moved how their performance blended in together with my sculptures.

    From that time whenever they came to Amsterdam we went to my studio and played and performed with my latest work….

    It’s a pity they can’t play in ONTROERWOUD but some of the performances they made during previous and most recent visit (august 2016) can be seen on screen during the show.

    Wim Vonk

Yehudit Mizrahi

  • Within the realm of consumption, one must learn to deal with the overdosed leftover material abandoned in the streets. 1,2,3 Salted fish transports an idea of reforming the disposable body by collecting and composing what is. 


Deutsche Ashram

  • DEUTSCHE ASHRAM hail from Holland, where they began life as primarily a studio band, but started spreading their live wings over the flatlands. At the reins are singer Merinde Verbeek and multi-instrumentalist Ajay Saggar. They have been described as “”…ethereal and beautiful…”, “Sonically sound & immensely beautiful…”, “…the singer possesses a voice to unseal the locks of heaven”.
    Frequencies between the Cocteau Twins meets Spacemen 3 in an opium den.
    Their unique sound and sporadic live appearances also earned the respect and admiration of J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.) and Kevin Shields (MBV), and it led to John Robb (The Membranes) offering to release their debut album on his “Louder Than War” records.

Ariel Alvarez

  • Ariel Alvarez houdt zich als kunsthistoricus bezig met het dadaïsme en dada-gerelateerde onderwerpen. Hij schrijft erover op zijn blog (zie hieronder), houdt lezingen en voert dada-performances uit, speciaal in dit 100-jarige dada-jaar.

G.W. Sok

Ronald van der Meijs

  • He constructs site-specific installations that questions how people relate to their environment by technology. “It’s fascinating to see how we try to control our lives and even nature itself. Using and relying completely on technology”
    Unpredictable and slow natural processes are part and subject of many of his works. It’s a dialogue between nature and technology or nature versus culture. Nature has it’s own order, time and rhythm. Each work is a metaphorical and conceptual treatment of sound, space, time and material. It is to lend a narrative quality to the machine-like character of the work, causing them to transcend their merely technological nature and raise the question to what extent our actions and expectations are conditioned.

Su Tomesen

  • Interventie van een Javaanse plastic verkoper.
    Ik bied typisch Indonesische plastic producten aan: rijst lepels, waterschepjes, droogrekken etc.
    Toko is deel 1 van de serie deel ‘Plastic Indonesia’.

Louisa Lilani & John Prop

  • Loes Diephuis en John Prop zingen een aantal liederen van hun repertoire uit de jaren 90, ‘lieve liedjes met een bite’ tijdens de expositie Ontroerwoud in CBK Amsterdam, 2016.


Marja van Putten

  • Flags of the World is an Art Project of Marja van Putten, started in 2010. In her art she is searching for symbols and habits seen as typical Dutch. When you investigate those the truth of the origin is often much more complex. While human culture is globalising the planet earth, local history gets lost. To identify ourselves we often use old symbols that have lost their meaning. With this project Flags of the World I want to question this. While the subject is quite political, art should ‘reset’ our minds and show us nuances and contradictions.

    This project is about integration~reverse. The Dutch ‘boerenzakdoek’ (literally = farmers + handkerchief) is de basis. With this piece of folk I will make a link to the flags of the countries of the world, because patterns have often travelled around. I will painted 60 x 60 cm canvases with my fingers. At the moment there are about 75 flags hanging on the point, that form a big tapestry of oil paint. | Kaart met alle vlaggen | Map with all flags

Jan Theun van Rees

  • [from his website part of a text]
    The concept of exploring hidden spaces emerged simultaneous with my initiation as a photographer. To execute some
    elementary experiments on space and light, I set up a camera in
    the crawl-space underneath my studio. While the lens of the camera was opened, I painted light onto the space by waving a flashlight through the open space.

    When I showed the first results to some visitors in the studio,
    they asked me where the photographs were taken. The images reminded them of ancient archeological sites they had seen in Turkey. I explained that the space in the photographs was located directly underneath the floor and that they were literarily standing on top of the photographed space. A sudden gaze of confusion but wonderment appeared on their faces: how could a space that looked so strange and exotic actually be directly connected to the space we were in? I realized that their response to the photographs showed the way I had to go.

Klaas de Jonge

  • Klaas de Jonge (born 1937) studied anthropology and sociology in Amsterdam and Paris and worked as a social researcher in various African countries. Since his first contacts with Africa (mid 1960s) he has been fascinated by African art. Since 2007 his collection is stored at the studio of Wim Vonk and Marja van Putten.

    To find more about Klaas de Jonge’s private collection of African objects see also

Ralf Westerhof

  • [text from his website partly]
    My main interest lies in perception, the subjective way in which we experience the world around us. I research this in a variety of media; dance theatre, sculptures and installations.

    The last seven years I developed my own style of sculpting in my fragile line drawings moving in space. The minimalistic character of my wire sculptures evolved as a reaction to the enormous amount of loud and colorful images that confront me, as a city person, on a daily basis.

    As the works developed I managed to reduce the amount of lines, not unlike Egon Schiele in his time. Unlike him I don’t keep to two dimensions but also use movement and space. The thin, fragile lines divide the space to create lively figures. Figures with strong plasticity and a feel of mass although they exist mainly of air.


Isidoor Wens

  • Saamaka Mythology
    Door mijn regelmatige bezoeken aan mijn geboortedorp Botopasi in het binnenland van Suriname is er sprake van beïnvloeding/inspiratie. Een analogie in een discours die zich manifesteert in mijn werk. Er ontstaan werken die de verhalen van mijn grootmoeder doorvertellen aan mijn kleinkinderen. Een Saamaka mythologie.

Werner Art Generator


  • Werner Art Generator komt met drie kunstenaars uit Duitsland en Tjechie: Holger Wendland, Mykola Dzhychka en een vrouwelijke kunstenaar.